Mapping Botswana
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So you see the power and possibilities that OpenStreetMap offers individuals and others? Of course you do and we are so happy to get you on board!

We have over 500 towns and villages on the map named, we still however lack names for around 40 of them, check out this map and see if you can help in naming these locations!

There are many things waiting for interested people. We have lists of cities, towns, villages and hamlets in Botswana, the icons next to each one shows what is missing from the map.

The easiest and simplest way to learn is to try and edit using the iD-editor in your browser. The following steps take less than 5 minutes to do:

  1. Register on OpenStreetMap using your e-mail
  2. Confirm the e-mail address in your Inbox
  3. On the welcome page that greets you from the e-mail link click on Start Mapping
  4. You get an option of a walk-through guide on how to edit OpenStreetMap using the iD-editor. Try it and see how easy it is and empowering to see your changes go live!
  5. After the walk-through, which takes a couple of minutes only, you are now ready to improve the map. If you want to pick a special place to edit, people usually begin close to their home or another area they know well, then you can search in the top-left corner of the editor for a place or use the dropdown below to take you to the right place!

If you are unsure how to do things or have questions you have several ways to get help: